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Rock Wit Me LLC

Strawberry EZ Squeezy Melt

Strawberry EZ Squeezy Melt

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Candle Type: HandCrafted

Wax Type: Soy Wax

Oil Type: Vegetable

Introducing our luscious Strawberry Squeezy Melt, a delightful burst of ripe, juicy strawberries captured in a convenient, mess-free form. With just a gentle squeeze, this unique melt releases the sweet, refreshing aroma of sun-ripened strawberries, instantly infusing your space with the delightful essence of a summer orchard. Whether you're seeking to create a vibrant ambiance, evoke the feeling of a sun-soaked berry patch, or simply treat yourself to a moment of pure fruity indulgence, our Strawberry Squeezy Melt is the perfect choice. Embrace the essence of summer's sweetness as the captivating scent of strawberries envelops your surroundings, making every moment feel like a rejuvenating stroll through a picturesque berry patch.


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